Boxing isn’t something you have to do in a ring.

Your gym often has great studio spaces where all you need is some free space to push your muscles’ endurance and blast through fat and even stress.

The rounds
This workout has 2 rounds. Perform each move for 15 seconds half speed, then 15 seconds full speed. Keep yourself in boxing stance throughout, meaning your dominant leg will be in the lead – this means you’ll have to switch legs.

Boxing stance
Starting with your feet side-by-side and slightly wider than hip-distance apart, step forward using your dominant leg. You should have one foot slightly in front of the other. Throughout the rounds, keep your hands up around the face with knees slightly bent to allow for easy movement.

Jab and cross
Keeping your hands up around your face, perform a punch off your lead arm. A cross is the same technique, just with the back arm. With the back arm, engage the core and pivot the back foot.

Upper cut
Beginning with your hands up around your face, pivot your leg, rotate your hips and drive a punch upwards from the waistline. Use the same technique for the rear leg.

Roundhouse kick
This kick leads with the rear leg. Begin to raise your knee and bring it around the body, pivoting your front foot while extending the rear leg towards the target.

Round one: upper body
Jab and cross
Upper cut
Upper/back cut

Round two: upper body + lower body combo
Front jab, cross, front upper cut
Front jab, cross, front upper cut, roundhouse kick
Front/rear upper cut, roundhouse kick
Front jab, rear upper cut, roundhouse kick

Now that your heart is pumping, remember to do a cool down that includes a few stretches and some deep breathing.