We’re on the last page of the calendar and in the home stretch of 2020. It hasn’t gone exactly how anyone planned, but it's the perfect time to set some new resolutions for a fresh start in 2021. 

Below are three common resolutions and tips on how you can accomplish them. 

Upping your nutrition game 

When it comes to nutrition, making small changes can bring big results. Cutting out unhealthy vices like sugary sodas and alcohol, fast food or junk food can make a larger impact than you might realize. Cutting out just one thing could lead to more energy, better sleep and additional healthier choices.

Here are ten tips for better nutrition that can help launch your better eating habits and help you determine some easy ways you can integrate better habits into your life.

As the holiday season approaches you may be tempted to indulge, so here’s a helpful article on ways you can still enjoy your favourite treats without going overboard.

Losing or gaining weight

Being in uncertain times is stressful, and that can lead to weight gain or loss depending on how you cope. Whether you made plans at the beginning of the year to drop or add a couple of pounds, there are healthy ways to get there.

Diet and exercise are the two major contributors to gaining and losing weight, so ensuring you’re sticking to your workout schedule and eating plan as best as possible will help ensure your success.

Meal prep ahead of time to make sure you have healthy choices on hand that will help you work towards your goals.

If you need some help jump-starting your workout routine, try this 30-day challenge.

Building muscle or strength 

No matter what Covid measures are happening in your region there are ways to keep getting stronger and building muscle. If you’re not ready or aren’t able to head to the gym, we have plenty of information on starting a bodyweight exercise program, along with at home workouts you can turn into a program. 

If you’re heading to the gym already, make sure you’re bulking up safely. To help ensure you’re using your workout time slot effectively, check out this compound muscle workout that will target more muscles at once.