Excuses are easy, but goals take hard work and dedication to achieve. When you’re feeling lost or unmotivated, take a peek at the journeys these fine folk have been on for some soul-revving inspiration. Then get out there and chase your dreams!

Mo Hagan

Maureen, or “Mo” as she’s known in the industry, is a leading force and a major influence in the world of group fitness. Not only is she a licensed physiotherapist and physical health educator, but she’s also an author and an international award winning fitness instructor. She lives to inspire others to find something fitness-related that they’re passionate about.

Michelle Salt

Canadian Paralympian in snowboarding
A motorcycle accident put her on life support for 7 days and took her right leg. Now this Canadian in a snowboarder for the Canadian Paralympic team. Not only that, but Michelle also cycles, wakeboards and kayaks and works with Canadian Blood Services as a speaker--she lost a lot of blood and would not have survived without donors.

Darryl Tait

After a snowmobile accident paralyzed him, Darryl’s lifestyle hasn’t changed that much. He’s constantly finding ways to push the limits of his paralysis and continues to enjoy the activities he loves-snowmobiling included. He’s a force of mind over matter and shares his adventures (and gorgeous photography) with his followers.


Danny has shared his weight loss transformation story through his social media platforms and has used this space to help others do the same. He’s real and open about his progress and his struggles and has created a community for those on their journey to health and wellness. He’s even created a line of workout tops for people like him looking for something to transform alongside them.

Jana Webb

Reebok Athlete, TedTalk presenter, mom and creator of Joga (Jock Yoga), Jana has been a lifelong athlete who most recently fought back from a car accident that left her with her back broken in three places. She shares her work and her life through posts filled with love and laughter with her family and friends.

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall is one of the most dedicated athletes out there. Since winning the title of England’s Strongest Man in 2010, he’s been climbing his way to the top. In 2017 he snatched the title of World’s Strongest Man and is a deadlift world record holder. This man is large and in charge and a true testament to hard work and dedication.

Jay Cardiello

Jay is the author of Bodyweight Strength Training and is a TEDx presenter. His feed is full of inspiring and motivational quotes with a fun and functional approach to fitness.  

Tosca Reno

New York Times bestselling author Tosca Reno is the founder of the Eat-Clean Diet revolution. At 40 years old she took control of her life and health and transformed her body. As someone who has transformed her relationship with food, she offers practical insights and motivation to help you on your journey.