If you’re new to the gym and don’t know where to begin or don’t quite feel comfortable getting started on your own, Personal Training is a great option.

But, Personal Training isn’t just for beginners. It’s easy to get into a routine of what you do at the gym, and that routine can be great for getting started on improving your fitness. But, if you are feeling like you’ve reached a plateau or that you aren’t making any progress, it might be time to think about learning some new ways of working out.

Here are some ways that Personal Training will help you reach a new level in your workout, no matter your fitness level:

Stay motivated

Having someone to remind you to keep pushing yourself as you work through your sets can make the difference between a decent workout and a fantastic workout. Personal Trainers can tell you what a specific machine or exercise is working towards, which can make it easier to remember why your workout is worth it.

Train effectively

It’s great to get to the gym, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reach the same results in less time? Odds are, there’s a more efficient way of reaching your goal that your Personal Trainer can teach you. Esquire explains that a good trainer can help you “maximize every minute” in the gym so that you can reach your goals faster.

Be accountable

Do you ever leave the gym a little earlier than you’d intended? Maybe you’ve been skipping a workout here or there? We’ve all been there. It can be easy to convince yourself that what you’ve done is good enough, but there’s no reason to settle. Entrepreneur explains having a partner to hold you accountable and who regularly checks in on your progress will increase your chances of meeting your goals by 95 percent. Knowing that your trainer will be waiting for you, and watching out for you throughout your workout will probably lessen the likelihood you’ll cheat yourself.

Have a spot

Have you ever wanted to try something new in the gym but didn’t know where to start? A Personal Trainer is the perfect person to be there to catch a weight that’s slipping. Safebee explains that it’s not only important to have a spot for safety, but also that your spotter knows what they are doing. With a trainer, you’ll be able to push yourself harder if you know you’re safe in doing so.

Master the basics

It’s easier than you’d think to be working out a whole different muscle than you intended if your positioning is a little bit off. Having guidance to learn the proper placement for basic exercises can make a world of a difference.

Learn about your body

Sure, the internet can be a good place to look up different exercises, but they won’t be specific to your body. Your trainer might be able to notice strengths or weaknesses specific to you so that you can work in the best way for your body.

Get results

What it comes down to is you are more likely to reach your goals with a trainer by your side. Training safely, properly and regularly with the help of an expert will set you up for the best possible results.