In most places across Canada, February is the coldest month of the year. The holidays are over, the snow has overstayed its welcome, and although spring is just around the corner, you still have to endure a few more weeks of ice-cold mornings scraping your car and shovelling snow.

We’re here to help! Here are 5 ways you can beat the winter blues. 

Gear up

No one is going to get excited about the weather if they’re not dressed for it, so make sure you have proper attire.

Get yourself a warm pair of boots that are also waterproof. Fuzzy, cozy footwear is great until the snow seeps through and hits your feet. Once your socks are wet and cold, there’s little you can do to warm back up.

Wearing mittens instead of gloves can make a big difference. With mitts, your fingers stay together, generating more body heat. Whereas gloves might allow you to be more dexterous, your hands will be warmer in mittens. 

Invest in a good coat, ideally, one that’s long enough to cover some of your legs and not just your torso.

Eat your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important year-round, but it’s more challenging to get the recommended dose when the sun is only out for a few hours a day.

To get your fix of vitamin D, try eating foods like salmon, canned tuna, vitamin D-fortified milk and egg yolks.

Find an activity that you can get excited about

The cold weather will be more enjoyable if you have a hobby.

Instead of waiting for the snow to melt, embrace the cold for the unique opportunities it provides. Try snowshoeing, skating, skiing or snowboarding. 

If you'd rather be indoors, try hitting the gym. The benefits that regular exercise has on physical health are well-known, and widely discussed but there are also incredible mental health benefits that working out offers. Aerobic exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression and stress and increase positive self-esteem, mood and energy!

Start your day early

When it’s cold out, you’re more tempted to snooze your alarm and stay under the blankets for as long as possible. But getting an early start to your day can help improve your mood and mental clarity.

Wake up early, slow down and relax. Take the extra time to enjoy your breakfast and a cup of coffee instead of scrambling to get a bite on your way out the door.

Better yet, try an early morning workout to get your day started before work or school. If you find it hard to motivate yourself early in the morning, pop into a Group Fitness Class and let the pros handle it!

Get social

Everything is better with friends. When all else fails, and you just want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and stay indoors, go for it! But before you do, call up a friend and see if they want to come binge-watch Netflix or try some new recipes. Even though it’s cold out, it’s still important to socialize and catch up with friends and family.