If you’re feeling a little out of shape as you get back into your fall routine, you’re definitely not alone. Summer vacation can mean more frequent opportunities to stray from healthy meal choices and regular workouts. 

There’s no need to wait for the new year to make fitness resolutionsSeptember is the perfect time to give your health and fitness goals an overhaul. 

Here are 5 reasons September is a great time to start fresh with fitness: 

1. You're rested and re-energized from summer vacation 

Let’s face it, exercise requires energy and motivation. It’s a positive challenge, but a challenge no less.  Taking a break from time-to-time to rest and re-energize can renew your motivation so you can dive back into a fitness program. 

2. Fewer distractions 

During the summer, it can be easy to choose a day at the beach with your bestie, or a barbeque get together with workmates instead of hitting the gym.   

Fewer distractions and a more structured routine in the fall mean you can focus more on your fitness goals, while not being as tempted by summertime outings. 

3. Take advantage of ideal temperatures 

In winter, the days can be so short and cold that you barely remember seeing daylight by the time you’ve finished your work/school day.  The conditions may drive you to choose couch time over crunch time. 

In early fall, there are plenty of days left with good weather and lots of light.  Make the most of it by biking or jogging to work a few times a week, or set aside some time after school or work to throw the ball around, or play a sport with friends or family. 

4. Everyone is back to a routine 

No need to worry about FOMO in September, because everyone is getting back to normal life. Creating a new routine that you can stick to is easiest if you hold yourself accountable. 

Hire a Personal Trainer, coordinate workouts with a fitness friend, and develop a training plan that will work into your weekly schedule.  As you ease back into a routine, the likelihood of sticking to it once winter sets in will be much higher. 

5. New year's can be your target instead of your baseline

As you say goodbye to summer, looking forward to a schedule that allows you time to get in regular workouts and make healthier choices can bring much needed comfort and structure. It can also put you ahead of the game. You’ll be fitter and feeling stronger way before everyone else is making their new year’s resolutions. 

Settling into a routine after a fun-filled summer is a perfect opportunity to kickstart a new fitness routine, or kick the dust off of your old workout program. With hibernation and holidays ahead, you can also modify your goals to ensure you can maintain balance and focus. A back to routine approach to fitness can reinforce your motivation and your mental well-being as the winter months approach.