Making fitness a regular part of your routine is important. Not only does working out help you build a stronger and healthier body, but it also improves overall quality of life.

You’ll feel more confident
When you work out, your body image improves alongside the physical progress. The psychological effects of both exercise and self-worth extend far beyond your body. Regular exercise actually makes you feel more self-confident, too.

According to Physical Activity and Psychology Well-Being, a frequently cited anthology of research in the field, several surveys have found evidence of a positive relationship between levels of physical activity and psychological well-being.

So, the more you work out, the more you’ll get to feel those positive vibes.

Your stress levels will fall
Challenging your body with a workout may not seem very calming. However, there is a reason for why exercise is an effective stress reliever.

Exercise releases two positive chemicals in the brain during a workout. Dopamine,

which helps you feel satisfied and pleased after your workout, and “GABA”, a neurotransmitter that helps calm you by tuning out the noise in your brain.

You’ll get sick less often
Exercise helps prevent major illness and also helps keep the common cold at bay.

Research suggests regular exercise improves your ability to fight off disease by increasing blood flow (which moves germ-fighting blood cells around the body) and releases beneficial hormones that aid in your body’s defense.

You’ll have better sex
Yoga provides multiple benefits to your sex life, but so does regular exercise!

Research shows that sexual satisfaction could be directly correlated with just the perception of physical fitness.

This might sound obvious, but people tend to be happier about their sex life when they feel comfortable in the nude. Regular exercise is a part of helping to diminish any self-conscious body image worries.

You’ll sleep better
Sleep has a huge impact on your productivity, as well as your mood. However, your sleep itself can be positively impacted by exercise, even early in the day.

One hundred and fifty minutes of moderate exercise a week resulted in a 65 per cent improvement in the sleepquality amongst participants.

Those subjects slept better and longer, were more productive and experienced many other benefits.

Bonus: You’ll inspire others!
Many will attest to the fact that exercising will help you be a happier and more successful person, which ultimately influences those around them.

The benefits of creating a healthy relationship with those close to you can have profound effects on your own success, too: from pain relief, to less stress, to a longer life.