Have you ever noticed those regular gym goers looking so motivated, but meanwhile you’re feeling like you’re in a slump? Or maybe you’ve seen the people in your office who come with the perfect healthy lunch packed every day? What’s their secret? How do these fit and healthy people make it look so easy?

Let us tell you! These are 5 common habits of highly fit people:

They have fun with it

Highly fit people have found a way to enjoy exercise. Maybe this means they work out with a Personal Trainer to help keep them accountable, or maybe they’re hitting up a Group Fitness Class for some fast-paced comradery, or perhaps they’re switching things up on the turf zone. Whatever the case, maybe they’ve found their niche. They’re just simply doing what they love, experimenting with new things and for them, staying fit is just an added bonus. Add some fun to your workout routine and you’ll reap the same benefits!  

That being said, if ‘fun’ and ‘exercise’ are two words you don’t normally put together, you are not alone. It can be hard to be inspired or motivated for the fun of exercise, but that’s where discipline comes in. Simply relying on motivation may not get you to the gym as needed. Being disciplined, on the other hand, will. To add some fun, add cool rewards for hitting different milestones like a spa day, a trip to wine country or seeing your favourite band the next time they come to town.

They don’t view exercise as just a means to lose weight

Some of the healthiest people don’t use exercise as a weight-loss method. Instead, they use it to build their strength, endurance and overall performance. On top of this, they want to feel good both physically and mentally. They view exercise as a way to have a clear mind and a positive attitude – an outlet that goes far beyond what the scale says.  

They recover from a relapse

Have you ever had a bad week or day where your motivation to hit the gym just wasn’t there? The truth is, this happens to all of us! However, someone who is highly fit doesn’t allow a small slip-up to ruin their routine. The following day or week they get back on the horse and are back at the gym without thinking too much about it. Don’t beat yourself up…just pick yourself up and get back out there!

They avoid junk food

Sure, we all splurge now and then on some tasty treats, but highly fit people tend to keep junk food out of arm’s reach. They don’t stock their cupboards with this food, meaning it’s not on hand even when a craving strikes. Instead, they stock their pantry and fridge with colourful fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and other healthy snacks.

They prioritize themselves and their fitness goals

No matter how busy a person may be, exercise needs to be a priority. And that’s exactly how highly fit people see it – they know that taking time to exercise is taking that much needed ‘me time’ – something every human needs. They consider exercise an important part of their lifestyle and schedule time for it. In some cases, fit people put exercise before leisure time. The key is that you should treat exercise like you would an appointment or important business trip – you’re investing in yourself.