The turf zone is a great area to try out some new strength and conditioning that requires some more space than your average weights. The turf also gives you the opportunity to train on a surface more like what you’d compete on.

Working out on the turf can be easier on the joints and the cushioned surface can help you maintain your position when lifting or stretching. The turf is also a great shock absorber because it has a padding underlay that reduces pressure on the joints and minimizes shock to the ankles, knees and hips especially with repetitive movements. The Turf Zone also helps enhance performance by making it easier to pivot and turn. 

Try out these exercises to get you started on the turf zone. Remember, if you feel unsure about how to do any of these exercises safely and with proper form, GoodLife Fitness staff and Personal Trainers are always there to help you.

Sled push

Named because it looks like pushing a sled around, grab your pushing sled, load it with as much weight as you see fit and push as if you’re mowing the lawn you’re running across.

Agility training

There are a few options for agility training, but essentially you want to work on moving quickly between objects. Combining throwing a medicine ball and squats can do wonders for your agility, as can doing suicide drills with markers along the turf zone.

Ladder runs

Lay your ladder out along the turf zone and get ready to sweat. Running with high knees, be sure to step on the holes between the ladder rungs and see how fast you can go.

Kettlebell thrusts

Hold your kettlebell with both hands between your legs, squat down and then swing the kettlebell up and straighten your legs in synchronicity. Be sure to control the kettlebell as it comes down, both for further strengthening and safety’s sake.

Conditioning drills

There are a lot of options of conditioning drills, but make sure to choose something to get your heart pumping. Try high-speed sprints in between some other exercises on this list, or even add burpees into your suicides.

Cone drills

Put out cones zig-zagging along the turf zone. Then, run back and forth between cone and cone, fully bending down to touch each cone on the way.

Battle ropes

Make sure your ropes are securely fastened to a pole before backing up so that they are  slightly still on the ground when you are bending into a deep squat. You can use them for an entire workout if you keep moving them in different ways. Check out our instructional video on different ways to use them!  

Farmers walk

Be sure to keep your posture straight and your shoulders back. Choose a weight to lift that pushes you without going too far and walk straight down the turf with a weight in each hand. This simple exercise is great for your upper body, glutes and calves.

Box jumps

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. Make use of the boxes sitting on the turf by squatting down and jumping right onto them. Start with the lowest box and work your way up to the higher level over time.


Add your weight to the top end of the landmine weight pole and hold it with your legs bent. Walk closer and further from the far end of the pole to get in a whole body workout.