In an effort to encourage realistic and healthy fitness practices, a new wave of body-positive social media influencers have begun to challenge the notion of physical perfection.

Guided by the principles of acceptance, authenticity and diversity, these influencers are not only combatting unhealthy thought patterns; they’re creating tangible change in the gyms and spaces where physical activity takes place. Their work has helped foster supportive communities and build a new kind of fitness industry—one that understands the importance of diversity and celebrates the strength of every body.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you feeling good about getting healthy, check out these 5 influencers next time you log onto Instagram.   

Briana Owens — Wellness Advocate, Public Speaker and Founder of Spiked Spin:

After five years of spinning across New York City, Briana Owens noticed a lack of diversity in the fitness classes she attended. In an effort to address this need, she created Spiked Spin—a spin class catering to women and people of colour. Owens strives to challenge the status quo of the fitness industry by making it more accessible to the people who are often underrepresented in fitness culture.

Instagram: @bri.monee

Cassie Day — Personal Trainer, Founder of All Day Fit and Fit Escapes Retreats:

Founder of All Day Fit, Cassie Day always wanted a career where she could educate and empower women to understand their bodies and achieve their fitness goals. After starting her career as a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness, Day began to build her own business where she strived to help women feel strong, both mentally and physically. Currently, she leads a team of personal trainers and coaches who inspire ladies (women?) everywhere to conquer their fitness goals.

Instagram: @cassiedayyy

Ilya Parker — Physical Therapist Assistant, Medical Exercise Trainer, Writer, Educator and Founder of Decolonizing Fitness:

Decolonizing Fitness was founded by Iyla Parker, who merged her love for restorative-based movement practices and community advocacy to create health and wellness services for those who feel marginalized by the mainstream fitness community. Decolonizing Fitness is run by trans and queer people of colour, who seek to make fitness accessible and affirming for all bodies. Personal trainers and instructors within the organization seek to generate supportive fitness practices that promote healing and are accessible for all bodies.

Alicia Tillman – Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Founder of Awkward Yoga Girl and Trap Yoga & Tacos:

Yoga teacher, Alicia Tillman created her own yoga style that centres around diversity, authenticity and personality. She’s known as the founder of Trap Yoga & Tacos—an event that features a live DJ, a variety of yoga flows and of course… tacos! After numerous unique events, Tillman has noticed that her yoga classes have become more diverse, bringing in a wide range of people who otherwise wouldn’t have given yoga a second thought.

Instagram: @awkwardyogagirl

Shannon Wagner — Founder of the Women’s Strength Coalition:

After noticing a need for women to feel empowered in their bodies and comfortable enough to exercise in them, Shannon Wagner founded the Women’s Strength Coalition (WSC). The WSC seeks to inspire women to harness their collective strength and enact positive change in not only the gym but in society. In an effort to do just that, the WSC also provides support, visibility and a network for existing non-profits that align with their mission and vision. To date, they’ve raised over $220,000 for non-profit organizations like Avenues for Homeless Youth, National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, Queer Life Space and Diversity Richmond.

Instagram: @shannonkimwagner