It’s a great introduction to Group Fitness

Maybe you’re new to the gym and not quite ready to dive into Group Fitness. We get it… sometimes being in a group of people can feel intimidating. However, we do want to point out that Group Fitness is a welcoming environment where the instructor will provide modifications and encouragement all the way through!  

That being said, maybe you want to try out a class first on your own to get comfortable. Virtual Fitness is the perfect way to get a sense and feel for what you’ll be experiencing in a Group Fitness class. So go on, get acquainted with some moves and you’ll feel more confident in no time!

It’s great for your schedule

If you’re a group fitness fanatic but simply can’t make it to your favourite class during its scheduled time Virtual Fitness is a great alternative. You can come to the studio at your convenience and do your favourite class whenever you like! It’s flexible schedule and ‘on demand’ feature are accessible for those who are busy with work, family obligations or other commitments.

It has lots of variety

Fun fact about Virtual Fitness – it has a different selection than regular scheduled Group Fitness classes. With Virtual Fitness you can try classes like Zumba Basic Steps – which features the same contagious choreography and music as Zumba with a prerecorded instructor. Or try Newbody Muscle – a class that utilizes light hand-held weights designed for all fitness levels. Whatever your fancy, whether it’s your go to class like BODYPUMP or BODYFLOW or something new, Virtual Fitness has great options sure to appease you!

It’s fun!

Switch things up from your normal routine – although it may be convenient and practical, Virtual Fitness is also a good time. Grab your friends and make a gym date. Maybe you normally train together doing something else, so why not spice things up with a new class? 

Enjoy the Group Fitness studio all to yourself, pick a class that entices you and your bestie and have a blast. Nothing wrong with trying something new to freshen things up – and you never know… it might become a staple in your workout routine.