Are you looking for a simple yet effective workout plan to help you on your fitness journey?

If so, GoodLife has a variety of workouts at your disposal via Instagram. Workouts are added weekly, so you can always try something new!

We've put together a 2-week full-body workout plan that engages both the mind and the body to help you reach your fitness goals in a holistic way.

Click here to try Strength Circuit Training with @kathleenfursey.

Click here to try Multi-level Yoga with @terridermo.

Click here to try Kickboxing Cardio with @innod3.

Click here to try Mobility Magic with Simon Paige.

Click here to try HIIT Cardio with @innod3.

Click here to try Total Body Conditioning + Yoga with Assata McKenzie @satalata_fit.

Click here to try Foam Rolling with Dan.

Click here to try Boxing & Loaded Movement Circuit with @coachklav.

Click here to try Yoga - hips and hamstrings with @terridermo.

Click here to try Full-body toning Barre with @carolereber.

Click here to try Mindful Meditation with @carolereber.

Click here to try Aerobic Conditioning and Functional Strength Training with Sue.

Click here to try Functional Strength with Dan.

Click here to try Cardio Circuit Training with @kathleenfursey.