There are lots of ways to keep cool while still having some fun when it's hot. Here are some suggestions:

Drink LOTS of water

When it’s hot, your body uses more water to stay cool and regulate temperatures. Keep drinking cool water all day and you’ll feel cooler and stay alert. HINT: Try freezing blueberries or sliced strawberries with water in your ice cube trays to liven up your H2O.

Eat smaller meals more often

Your body warms up as it works to process larger meals, so eating smaller portions can help keep you cooler. Munch on healthy fruits and veggies to help you stay hydrated – think watermelon, cucumbers, radishes, which are mostly water.

Wear natural, loose fabrics (or nothing at all)

Scrap the spandex in favour of lightweight, natural fabrics. Choose clothing that is loose fitting and breathable. Lighter colours don’t absorb as much heat. Or if it’s getting really hot, avoid clothing altogether (but stay inside and don’t answer the door!).

Freeze your sheets

Fold up your sheets and seal them in a plastic bag. Put them in the freezer during the day, then take them out and re-make your bed when you’re ready to sleep. You’ll get a better night’s sleep in cool, refreshing bedding.

Connect with nature

Jump in the car and head for the nearest lake or beach for a swim to cool off. Or take a walk in a park or wooded area to enjoy the shade. Trees help reduce the temperature, which can make heat waves more bearable.


Phones and other electronics give off heat whenever they’re powered on. Even more when they’re charging. Also, only use the lights you need since lights emit heat and can heat up your home.

Host an outdoor dinner party

Invite your friends and neighbours to set up tables and chairs and bring their dinner along for an alfresco dinner party in the backyard. Try these tasty grill recipes

Bike, don't drive

Trade your car keys for a bike helmet and pedal your way around town. No more sitting in traffic with the sun glaring down. Under pedal power, you’ll feel the wind in your hair and see more of your surroundings without the hassle of parking.

Shower more

A cold shower is a quick way to bring down your temperature and freshen up during a heat wave. If you need to cool off quickly, but can’t take a shower, try putting ice packs on your pulse points and feet – another quick fix when you’re overheating.

Pitch a tent

Use the heat wave as a chance to try some impromptu camping. Not only will you feel cooler outside, but the sounds of the birds and smell of grass and trees will help take the edge off the sizzle of the concrete jungle. Add a midnight picnic dinner to the mix for a romantic night out.

Try a new water sport

If you’re lucky enough to be near the ocean or a lake, consider renting kayaks, test-driving a stand-up paddleboard or taking a surfing lesson. This is a great hot weather option for a date or with a group of friends.

Go to the gym

If it's too hot outside for outdoor activities hit up a nice air conditioned gym. Get a workout in, feel great and escape the heat!

Watch a movie

Like you needed an excuse? When temperatures are unbearable, the movies have air conditioning and entertainment, not to mention snacks. A perfect spot to pass a few hours and lower your core temperature.

Keep your bucket list of heat wave activities handy and soon you’ll be watching the thermometer to plan for more hot weather fun.