As the mother of a toddler, I know that being a new mom is anything but easy. Although it’s one of the most magical, beautiful and exciting moments in every mother’s life, it’s also a huge lifestyle change wrapped in a cloud of hormones and sleep deprivation.

Why not give the new mama bear in your life a little extra love to help ease the transition? We guarantee that if you show up on her doorstep holding any one of these fantastic and thoughtful gifts, you’re bound to be met with a big hug and a huge smile (and maybe even a few tears—happy tears, of course).

When you’re on a baby’s schedule, comfortable leisurewear is a necessity. If you’re going to gift comfy clothes to a new mom, be sure to get some super soft sweats that can be tossed in the wash without a second thought. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect postpartum pant, check out The Essential Pant from Everyday Hustle. These bottoms were designed to account for a new mother’s changing body and come in multiple size ranges to fit every body type.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizer is perfect for keeping the germs on busy hands off of a brand-new baby. Plus, the alcohol-free formula doesn’t dry out your hands so your skin can stay as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

We can’t all have our own personal chef, but the Instant Pot makes getting a good meal on the table super simple.

A couple Over Company Covers are never a bad thing to have in your diaper bag. These breathable breastfeeding covers can double as a carrier cover or even a seat cover for a shopping cart.

Healthy snacks and prepared meals never go out of style. Whether it’s a store bought lasagna or a pan of smoked cheddar and cranberry chicken casserole from the GoodLife Kitchen, new parents will definitely appreciate having some backup meals without any of the prep work.

Most mothers already have a nursing pillow, but a lumbar support pillow is also very helpful. Lumbar support pillows are a great way to help ease lower back pain associated with the final months of pregnancy and prolonged nursing sessions.

Since nice long showers are no longer an option, next time you’re at the drug store pick up a bottle of fragrance-free dry shampoo to help keep her tresses silky soft without the shine.

Poking and prodding a sick infant is no one’s idea of a good time, so we recommend gifting the new mom in your life a pacifier thermometer before cold and flu season strikes.

The Belmint Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is perfect for the mama who wants to give herself a spa quality back rub in the comfort of her own home.

We all know that mom’s rarely ever get to finish a nice warm cup of coffee, so why not order an Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug to keep her cup of joe steaming right until the last sip.

Super soft bedding is a great idea for every mom in your life, because with a new baby in the mix, making the most of every single sleep becomes a top priority.