Gone are the days when personal trainers focused solely on exercise. Their role has evolved to include mental wellness, motivation, counsel and support for healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Personal trainers create transformations for their clients.

From coast-to-coast, GoodLife personal trainers are experts who train clients using the same program, designed to improve exercise technique and build lean muscle, while focusing on conditioning, endurance and strength. They wake up with a passion to do what they love and thrive when faced with a new challenge – whether it’s to help a client recover from an injury, lose weight, or achieve a fitness goal.

Trainers like to be challenged. Their passion isn’t just fueled by walking clients through a workout and counting reps. Our trainers stay on top of the latest health and fitness trends and are constantly evolving their programs to meet clients’ needs. They strive to live the good life and be role models for clients.

Each and every one of these professionals has a different reason for doing what they do. It’s no surprise that their clients’ stories become part of what keeps them motivated.

Get up close and personal with Nsuani to find out what makes him tick in his own words.

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