If you have children or grandchildren, you can play a tremendous role in helping them be fit and healthy. How? By making fitness a family affair. The first step is to get fit yourself. You don’t have to be an athlete or have a perfect physique you just have to include exercise in your lifestyle. If your kids see you enjoying physical activity, they’ll want to do the same.

There are so many activities you can do together as a family. Whether it’s walking, running, riding a bike or partaking in a seasonal activity there are copious amounts of fun active things you and your kids can get involved in.

Try getting your kids interested by planning activities. For instance, allow your children to choose an activity that they are passionate about and have the whole family vote on which one they would like to do. Being part of the planning process and allowing them to pick something that appeals to them will help boost enthusiasm. That might mean trying something new like a family dance lesson, game of baseball, swimming or boogie boarding. No matter the activity the idea is to encourage and enjoy active leisure time together while building healthy values and habits.

There are also active things you can partake in that not only benefit your own family, but contribute to good causes as well. I’m talking about the many community events that continually pop up– such as charity walks, bicycling for a good cause or park and beach cleanups – so many to choose from! Enjoying yourself as a family, getting fit and helping others – that’s an amazingly healthy combination.

This year, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, and as a gift to all, the country’s national parks are offering free admission. This is a great year to explore Canada’s spectacular natural areas together! There are all kinds of wonderful parks that have great walking trails and it’s an adventure to go somewhere new. You and your kids can celebrate being fit Canadians together.

There are three enormous benefits to doing fitness activities with your children – you will get fitter, your kids will get fitter and you all will all have a better chance for a long and successful life.

Your children and grandchildren want to spend time with you. So why not spend some time together exercising?