Eirinn Boots


Eirinn Boots is a Personal Training Regional Manager and has been working in Personal Training for over a decade. She studied Kinesiology at McMaster University with a special focus on physical activity during growth and maturation as well as advanced studies in human nutrition and metabolism. She has competed internationally in three sports and along with a strong athletic training background, has developed a passion for training clients of all abilities who have diverse next-level goals. She holds certifications as a Personal Trainer, Poloquin Level 1 & 2 Performance Coach, TRX TEAM Coach & Kettlebell Coach. She is also trained in Functional Movement Assessment & Graduated Exercise Models as well as Trigger Point & Myofascial Release Techniques. Having built a very successful career in personal training, her passion is teaching others to develop the skills and tools to do the same. In order to best connect with clients and students, Eirinn has expanded her skill set beyond the theory and application of physical activity and holds designations as an NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. Her personal philosophy is that knowledge is of no use unless it is shared. Outside of the gym, Eirinn spends an excessive amount of time in the saddle as she pursues excellence in road cycling and trains horses for the competitive jumper ring.