Large goals are exciting and often life changing, but when there is a drastic change involved it can seem overwhelmingly daunting and even unachievable. Here are the reasons why setting smaller goals for yourself helps to work towards the end result.

Think small to achieve big
The key to making goals a reality is to sit down and figure out what your main goal is, then to build a plan that breaks down your larger goal into smaller steps and goals. Start by turning it into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals that all build up to big changes. The added benefit of crossing something off your list on a daily basis will keep you motivated and feeling accomplished.

Don’t wait to pop the cork until you’ve cross that final finish line. Just because the goal you’ve smashed is smaller, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve some recognition. Reaching incremental milestones keeps the momentum going and keeps you focused on that major prize. Choose targets that are meaningful and that you’ll be proud of achieving and be sure to document them so you can keep track of your progress. Plus, the positivity that surrounds a celebration helps to reinforce your resolve to keep reaching for bigger and better things for yourself, and helps you to set more goals for yourself.

Habit forming
The positive reinforcement of celebrating after an achievement encourages the process of setting incremental goals. This cycle of goal setting and achieving actually contributes to making you an overall happier and healthier person, boosts your confidence in your abilities, and helps work on your patience as you work through the process. Not to mention the growth in your mental strength as you chip away at your goals list. All of these positive side effects of accomplishing smaller goals makes the process of setting them in the first place that much more attractive, making you more likely to set more goals and to continue building up to those life changing ones.