For gym lovers the pandemic has been a roller coaster of emotions. According to Abby Johnson-Bertran, manager of group experience with GoodLife Fitness, when gyms were forced to close, many people lost their sense of routine, their social connection and their accountability and motivation to exercise. Not only that, but people became more sedentary as we worked from home and sheltered in place. 

Luckily, fitness professionals sprung into action to deliver digital fitness options. Digital content kept many of us moving during the lockdowns, but Johnson-Bertran acknowledges you can never really replace the experience and benefits of working out at the gym. Here are the top 5 reasons working out in a gym is better than at home. 

Amenities…and space

You just can’t beat the space and amenities at the gym. Many people couldn’t wait to get back to the heavier free weights and the sheer variety of strength training machines. Others love the cardio machines to for a low impact efficient workout that torches calories. Some gyms also offer saunas, pools, squash courts and hot yoga. And you can’t beat the space! After more than a year of working out in your living room, the extra elbow room makes a huge difference. 

Lots of classes

While there have been lots of online classes to take during the pandemic, it’s tough to beat the in-person experience of group fitness. Plus, there are more options available, so you can try different types of classes with the guidance of a professional group fitness instructor. The extra motivation of other people and a live instructor encourages you to work harder and the energy of a group and loud music makes classes more fun.  In many cases, there is extra equipment like barbells, weights, steps and more that makes the class better. 

There’s more social connection

The gym offers a sense of community that you can’t get with a home-based fitness. Seeing familiar faces and exercising with other like-minded people increases motivation. After long periods of isolation, the chance to be around other people is a welcome experience that improves your physical and mental health.  

It’s easier to focus

Exercising at home is filled with distractions. There are more opportunities to procrastinate and stop your workout sooner. Or maybe you have to stop to move your cat off the yoga mat, or your baby wakes up. The list is endless. The gym is a dedicated environment where you can focus exclusively on your fitness. There are no excuses so you’re likely to work harder and finish your program sooner.  

It prevents boredom

The gym has an incredible range of equipment and classes, plus certified fitness professionals who can design customized fitness programs for your needs. There is literally a new workout option every visit if you want one. Not only that, but experts say it’s best to mix up your workouts to allow your muscles and joints to recover versus doing the same workout over and over. 

GoodLife gyms are open with strict COVID-19 safety protocols like masking, physical distancing and cleaning and disinfecting to protect members and staff. Now’s a good time to get back to the gym to get your fitness back to pre-pandemic levels and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits.