Mimosas, strong coffee, hot eggs made to order and freshly baked pastries all enjoyed in the company of your besties (or bae). It’s a relaxed atmosphere full of indulgence – with the time and the treats you wouldn’t normally have during the week.

However, indulging too much at brunch can rack up the calories. Try these tips so you can still enjoy your lazy Sunday morning without feeling guilty!

Be careful what you’re sipping on
Have you heard the saying don’t drink your calories? That’s because liquid calories add up fast but don’t do anything to really fill you up. We’re not saying skip all the alcohol at brunch – because what’s brunch without a mimosa? just order one alcoholic beverage and be sure to drink lots of water with the rest of your meal! 

Build your own omelette
Eggs are full of nutritional value and are a great brunch option! Full of protein, eggs are satisfying and will help you stay full longer. By building your own omelette you can add lots of fresh veggies like spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, tomatoes and onions. Omelette's are totally delicious and these fresh veggies have great health benefits! You can add a small amount of dairy in the form of cheese which adds a bit more protein and some fat to you meal making it more filling. MMMMM are you ready to order yet?

Avoid the extras
While we’re on the topic of eggs, it’s important to note dishes like eggs benedict or huevos rancheros are typically high in fat and calories. Be careful with things like sauces as that’s the ‘extra’ that may put you overboard when it comes to calories.

Also keep in mind that sides like home fries and hash browns are usually served with toast and this can make your plate extremely carb heavy. You may want to substitute your potatoes for a different side – like sliced tomatoes. Different places offer different options so it’s a good idea to look for something that’s been prepared in a healthy manner – such as steamed, grilled or roasted.

Don’t deprive yourself
Waffles and pancakes are a brunch favourite but they’re obviously going to be on the heavy side. Don’t deprive yourself – if you want waffles or pancakes get them. If there’s a whole grain or buckwheat option go for that. When it comes to the toppings, skip adding ‘fruit’ syrups or whipped cream. Try adding a side of fresh fruit and put that on top for a little something sweet.

Be sure to watch portion sizes as well. One or two small waffles or pancakes is fine, but if there’s a giant stack on your plate, that’s too many!

Watch out for sugar
Oatmeal and granola may seem like healthy options but watch out! They can be loaded with oil, butter and sugar. It’s better to order plain oatmeal with fresh fruit for some added flavour.

Careful with juices as well – juice contains a high amount of sugar in the form of fructose. Once you’ve consumed sugar, it’s all processed the same way.