Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to turn your solo gym sesh into a fun hangout.

Not only can you try a ton of new partner-specific exercises, but you can also spend some much-needed quality time with your significant other or best buddy!

If you’re planning on hitting the gym on the international day of love, make your workout a friendly affair with these 6 moves.

Heel taps (3 sets of 12 to 15 reps at a slow and controlled pace)

  • Partner A begins laying face up on a yoga mat with Partner B standing at Partner A’s head
  • Partner A pulls their feet upward into a tabletop position with shins parallel to the floor, while Partner B holds both ends of a resistance band
  • Partner B loops the resistance band around Partners A’s feet
  • Partner B holds both ends of the resistance band tightly as Partner A contracts their core and slowly lowers both feet down to the floor while maintaining a 90-degree knee bend in both legs
  • Partner A almost taps their heels to the floor and returns for the tabletop position for one rep
  • After Partner A completes the designated amount of reps, Partner B should take their place to perform the exercise

Tricep kickbacks (3 sets of 12 to 15 reps at a steady pace, both partners moving in sync)

  • Both partners stand facing each other with their knees bent slightly, hips pushed backwards and core engaged
  • Each partner should grab one end of the resistance band with the opposite hand on the same side (left hand for one partner and the right hand for the other partner)
  • Both partners should bend their elbows 90 degrees and slowly extend the arm holding the band
  • Pause briefly with arms fully extended before each partner bends their elbow and returns to the starting position for one rep
  • Complete the designated number of reps on one side before repeating the movement on the opposite arm

Resistance band chest presses (3 sets of 12 to 15 reps at a steady and controlled pace)

  • Begin with Partner A holding both hands of the resistance band tightly
  • Partner B should act as the anchor that holds the centre of the band in a position directly behind Partner A
  • Partner B steps back until there is a reasonable amount of tension in the resistance band
  • Partner A raises both hands to the side of their body and bends their arms 90 degrees so that their elbows, biceps and forearms are parallel to the floor
  • Partner A steps forward with their right foot into a slight lunge before pushing both arms forward into a full extension
  • Pausing briefly at the top of this movement, Partner A slowly bends their elbows and returns their arms to the starting position for one rep
  • Complete the designated amount of reps before each partner switches places

External rotations (3 sets of 10 reps per side)

  • Stand side-by-side and have each partner hold the end of the resistance band with their outside hand
  • If there is not enough tension in the resistance band, step away from one another
  • Bend the elbow of each outer arm 90 degrees, resting your hand across your waist
  • At the same time, slowly rotate the bent arms outward
  • Be sure to keep your elbows bent and pressed to your side throughout this exercise
  • Slowly release the tension and bring your hands inward to your waist for one rep

Squats with rotational passes (4 sets of 15 reps, alternating the direction of rotation every set)

  • Both partners begin standing back-to-back
  • At the same time, drop into a low squat and hold this position throughout the exercise
  • Partner A holds the medicine ball with both hands at chest height and slowly rotates their torso to the left side until Partner B rotates far enough to the right side that they can grab the medicine ball
  • Partner B rotates to their left side and passes the ball back to Partner A for one rep
  • Alternate the directional rotation of the ball for each set

Speed lunge finisher (2 sets of 30 lunges, 15 per leg, at a fast yet synchronized pace)

  • Partners should begin facing one another, each holding the opposite end of two crisscrossed resistance bands
  • Each partner should step back until there is a slight amount of tension on the resistance bands
  • At the same time, both partners should step their right leg back into a reverse lunge position, with their front knee bent 90 degrees
  • Hold briefly before stepping your right foot forward and repeating the exercise on the opposite foot