During times like this, when motivation might be lacking and there isn't access to the gym, it can be a challenge to stick to your regular fitness routine.

Below, are my top 10 tips for harnessing your motivation and getting a great at home workout: 

Set goals

The first step is having something to work toward – otherwise known as a goal. Whether it be a specific weight loss goal, an accomplishment like holding your longest plank or doing a record number of squats or being sure to get in three workouts a week, you have to put a goal in place. Feel free to set more than one goal but make sure they’re realistic

Having a goal will keep you going and give you something tangible to work toward.

Track your progress over time and celebrate small wins. These regular successes will motivate you to keep trying for more.

Put it in your calendar

You might have heard this one before. Just as if you were going to meet a friend for a workout at the gym, schedule your at home workout in your calendar.

As you’re planning out your week, be sure to build regular workouts into your calendar. Setting up appointments and tracking your activity will help you see results sooner and encourage you to stick with your routine. 

Set up a dedicated space

Dedicate a specific space in your home for your workouts. This way, you won't have to constantly re-arrange furniture, put down a mat, etc.

Having a dedicated space will help build consistency and make it easier to get started each day. 

Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training can build muscle, help you lose weight and improve your movement.

The best part about this type of training... no gym and no equipment needed! Try doing bodyweight exercises and focus on proper form and mobility to reap the best results. 

Use online training programs

Utilize online and virtual training programs offered by accredited gyms and Personal Trainers to help with skill development and accountability. 

GoodLife provides multiple workouts on the GoodLife Fitness Blog, as well free access for members to Les Mills workout videos

Try something new

Learn a new workout skill – take up yoga for example.

A new skill often increases desire to something which increases disciplines. Plus, adding something new can help round out your exercise routine. 

Try a FaceTime workout

Working out with a friend over FaceTime will build support and help keep you accountable. 

When someone is expecting you, you’re less likely to skip your workout. If you share your goals with your FaceTime workout buddy, they’ll be more likely to adjust their expectations and push you when motivation runs low.

An added bonus, you can help each other with form!


Eliminate distractions! Before your workout, put your out of office on, make sure the kids have a plan for the time you will be working out, put your phone on silent, etc.

This is your time, use it wisely.