Want to build a bigger and better booty? To achieve the best possible results, you’ll want to mix things up to include more than just squats! Work your legs twice a week to blast your butt and get stronger glutes.

Your plan should be a mix of exercises using both legs and isolating one leg at a time. When you’re working on just one leg, really focus on the movement to increase muscle activation.

Your two weekly leg workouts should be different so that you are hitting your glutes and legs from multiple angles and utilizing various muscles to give your lower body a complete workout. Make sure you leave at least two days between your leg workouts within the week.

Depending on your phase of training and goal your rep range and set count will vary:

Strength: Up to 5 reps per set
Growth (Hypertrophy): 6-8 reps per set
Pump: 8-12
Endurance: 12 and up 

Limit your cardio-only sessions to twice a week, but if you have twenty minutes to spare after your leg workouts, crank up the treadmill incline and fast walk to increase the glute-burn even further. You can also hit the stepper and focus on pushing from the heels. Interval training for both is a great approach to take.

Nutrition is very important in building your glutes. Ensure that you are properly fueled before you train, having at least one meal with carbs, protein and healthy fats before you go to the gym. You will need the energy to complete these workouts and get the most from the hard work that you will be putting in.

When crafting your two weekly leg workouts, choose four to five of the moves from the exercises below and begin working on building that bigger booty!

Walking Lunge
This is a good way to warm up before you really get into leg day. Alternate legs and walk to the end of the room and back. Rest for a minute. Repeat twice.

Single Leg Step-up
This can also serve as a nice warm-up for either or both of your leg days. When stepping up on a bench or a box, push from the heels. This also ensures that you get your whole foot on the box before pushing down. Start with your bodyweight for the first set or two and make sure to alternate legs.

Single Leg Step-up with Knee Lift
Same as above but adding a knee thruster at the end. Go slowly as balance is important here.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
This requires some balance, so start without weights first and then add one kettlebell or dumbbell. Once you master that, you can add two.

Romanian Deadlift
The Romanian Deadlift is done with straight legs so it works your hamstrings and lower back much more than the conventional deadlift and really helps to give you a nice shape.

Bulgarian Split Squat
This move will really exhaust your hamstrings and glutes, while also hitting your quadriceps. Make sure that your angles mimic the photo. Use your core to keep your torso straight.

Barbell Back Squat
Stand hip-width or a little wider which will allow the focus to be on the glutes. Generating your power from your heels, go as deep as is comfortable without rounding your back. Push into your heels as you return to standing position. Keep that barbell in a straight line through the whole movement.

Barbell Good Mornings
These can take a little while to get the form down, so start light and keep your posture strong and straight.

Goblet Squats
Position your feet wider than a normal squat, slightly turned out and keep your weight on your heels throughout the entire movement.

After your workout, grab a protein shake or have a meal with a ratio of 3:1 carbohydrate to protein with some healthy fats. Your muscles will need help building after these “booty days.”