When searching for health and beauty items, you may have come across a paddle-like brush with firm bristles that is usually called an exfoliator and is used for dry brushing. As it turns out, this tool can do a lot more than exfoliate dead skin cells. 

The act of dry brushing is an excellent way to exfoliate your skin, but in recent years, doctors and alternative medicine practitioners have addressed the benefits that dry brushing can also have on your fitness, and even your health. 

Glowing skin

If glowing skin is the goal, try dry brushing for 5 minutes before you shower. It’s an excellent way to rejuvenate skin by removing the dull outer layer. Showering immediately afterward washes away what’s been loosened, revealing the newly regenerated layer beneath. And don’t forget to apply lotion after a shower to restore moisture that hot water and soap strips. 

Some people believe dry brushing can help smooth areas of the body that have developed cellulite but there’s no scientific evidence to support that this is true. Increased blood flow with dry brushing can have a natural plumping effect on the skin, which may reduce bumpiness. But cellulite lives below the top layer, so chances are you’re only making a temporary change to your skin’s appearance.

Sweat away more toxins

Sweating is one of the many ways the body eliminates toxinsDry brushing immediately before a workout opens your pores, which allows sweat to move directly and easily out of your body through your skin. Whether you’re heading out for a run, or going to the gym for group fitness, an RPM class or a HIIT workout, pack your dry brush and set aside a few minutes for a gentle scrub before you exercise. It’s a fabulous way to get your blood flowing and feel invigorated for your workout. 

Clean out your lymphatic system 

Dry brushing can also help increase the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system. Over time, our lymphatic flow slows and can become less efficient. Lymphatic congestion can lead to inflammation and even disease. When you support your lymph nodes by massaging them, their ability to circulate and drain improves, allowing them to better fight infection and remove toxins. 

Boost energy 

The motion of dry brushing activates cells in our body, which can increase blood circulation as well as the overall efficiency of more than just the skin. Dry brushing can even stimulate the central nervous system, which can boost energy and make you feel more alert.  

Remember to check with your dermatologist or other healthcare professional, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

With all these potential health and beauty benefits, dry brushing could become the newest tool in your health and wellness routine. 

**Mo Hagan is a well-known fitness leader and an avid fan of good skincare. This post is based on her personal experience and opinions and does not replace the advice of a dermatologist or other healthcare professional.