High in carbs, white bagels that are made without whole grains provide little fibre or nutritional benefits. The average bagel can have up to 350 calories and 50-60g of carbohydrates, which is equal to three or four slices of bread. If you top it with cream cheese or butter the calorie count goes up. Bagels and other white bread may fill you up at first, but they won’t keep you full for long.

White rice and pasta
Similar to bagels, white rice and white pasta provide little fibre or nutritional value. You may feel full when you indulge on a big plate of spaghetti but your appetite may begin to spike, along with your blood sugar. Opt for a whole grain pasta or brown rice, which are higher in fiber and serve them with healthy fats and proteins to help slow digestion, which helps keep you feeling full much longer.

Store bought smoothies
If you think you’re making a healthy choice by opting for a smoothie, take a hard look at the ingredients. In particular, chain store smoothies are often full of sugar from juice and frozen yogurt. This high-sugar content can leave the body feeling tired and hungry. For a healthier option, try making your own smoothie at home and choose ingredients like protein powder, leafy vegetables like spinach, fruit and healthy fats like avocados or nut butters.

Frozen meals
Low-calorie frozen microwaveable meals are misleading. They may promise low fat, low carbs and are approved by weight loss programs, but these meals fall short. It’s likely your stomach was growling again soon after because these meals are usually lacking in nutrients and fiber. They also can be loaded with salt and in many cases rely heavily on processed grains like white rice or white flour.

Protein bars/Meal replacement bars
When you reach for a protein bar you probably think you are making a good choice. Not necessarily! Many protein bars can lead to more cravings. You have to remember to read ingredient labels on these products to determine it’s more like a candy bar full of artificial flavours and sugar. When choosing a bar, look for types that include more whole foods like nuts, seeds and dried fruits.