You’ve been holed-up in your home for these past months, biding your time and finding new ways to stay active and strong. Whether you’ve stuck to bodyweight exercises or using soup cans as hand weights, if you’re ready to get back into the gym then this is your guide.

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If you’ve been doing squats, try the leg press or add a barbell

Getting back to working out with a machine might feel weird at first, but the leg press uses the same muscles as squatting so you should be able to get back to it fairly quickly.

If you’re brand new to working out in a gym, or just getting back after a hiatus, then the seated or horizontal leg press is a good option for you. This version allows you to select the amount of weight to work with through the cable and pin rather than loading weight plates.

The other leg press machine, the incline leg press, has you pushing up against the weighted platform, which means you’re working against gravity as well.

If you’ve been at home without equipment, adding a barbell is another easy way to step up the difficulty. Start with just the bar, and add weight plates as you become stronger and the effort decreases. Add these moves to your workout routine to increase your mobility and range of motion in your squat, and get a refresher on your form with this handy guide.

If you’ve been doing push-ups, try a barbell chest press

Push-ups and the chest press target the same muscles; your chest, front shoulders, triceps and lats, with pushups requiring more core stabilization and joint motion.

Using the barbell bench press makes it easier to see strength gains faster while focusing more on targeted muscle groups in the chest and shoulders. The bench press also makes it easier to progress by just adding more weight, as opposed to finding variations to the push-up in order to make them more difficult. Here’s how to properly execute a barbell bench press.

If you’ve been using resistance bands to row, try the seated row machine

Resistance bands are a versatile tool to have for home workouts. The seated row machine is a cable and weight alternative that you can use to get an effective back workout.

A strong back is essential for everyday movements and also improves posture and reduces your risk of injury. Using a cable seated row machine will be similar to using your resistance bands. Remember to keep your elbows in and your shoulders back and down with a neutral back.

If you’ve been walking or running outside, try the treadmill or elliptical

Good for you for taking advantage of the warm summer weather to get out and explore your local neighborhood, trails and parks.

As the cold weather approaches, don’t let that derail your momentum and jump on a treadmill or elliptical instead. Being able to control the speed and incline or resistance allows you to keep track of your progress and challenge yourself.

Entering in your weight before starting a workout will give a more accurate reading of how hard you’re working and calories burned. Trying some of the preset programs built into the machine lets you change up your routine and keep your cardio interesting.