Supersets are one of the most efficient ways to get a workout in and target multiple muscles at once. You may not see abs and arms in a superset-heavy workout very often, but we’ve combined the two in this workout. Warm up first with five minutes on a cardio machine and start with lighter weights.

Kneeling bicep curls – 3 sets x 12 repetitions
Perform regular bicep curls, but on your knees on a mat. Your abs will be activated more since you do not have the stability that you would on your feet. Performing the move this way also prevents as much swinging of the weight and forces your biceps to do more work, while your core works harder to keep you from falling over.

Planks 3 x 1-minute holds
Using the same mat, hold a plank for up to one minute with straight arms.

Put your arms slightly wider than shoulder width and place your hands directly below your shoulders. Rest 90 seconds and then go back to curls. Do three rounds.

EZ bar curls – 3 sets x 12 repetitions
Perform these standing up and be sure to brace your core (no swinging). 

EZ bar skull crushers – 3 sets x 12 repetitions
On a bench or on the floor. 

Ab roll-outs – 3 sets x 8 repetitions
Using the same bar or an ab roller, get on your knees with the weight in front of you. With a wide grip and shoulders over the bar, brace your abs and let the weight roll out in front of you, maintaining control until you are parallel with the floor. Roll back up for one repetition.

Triceps and ab combination*
Dips with tuck – 3 sets x as many repetitions as possible

Using elevated bars, perform a dip as normal, but finish by bringing your knees up close to your chest and then lower them before each dip. To make it harder, keep your legs extended on the tuck portion.

*If you are an advanced gym goer, superset this with pull-ups.

Plank get-up
Go from planks on elbow to planks on hands and then back down again. Complete 12 per side, rest for 90 seconds, and then do another 12 per side. You should have a hard time getting yourself back up on the last few.

Stretch your arms and abs thoroughly and get ready for the pending soreness. It’ll be worth it!