Whether it’s losing motivation or needing to shake things up, everyone goes through slumps where exercising is the last thing they want to do. When that happens, try these tips;

Issue: Wandering

Suggestion: Make a plan and stick to it. Having a list you can check off as you move through your exercises creates a clear beginning, middle and end to your workout, giving you something to work towards.

Issue: Socializing

Suggestion: There’s nothing wrong with being social at the gym, having fun is a big part of health and fitness. That being said, too much socializing can not only be a major distraction, but can also keep you from getting an effective workout. Try keeping conversations to the beginning and end of your workout, and invest in some noise-cancelling headphones to deter others from approaching you.

Issue: Goals

Suggestion: Goals are imperative to staying focused and motivated at the gym, but they can potentially cause problems. The key to making goals that are attainable is breaking them down into short term ones you can reach while you build your confidence. Smashing goals will keep you feeling positive and motivated to continue.

Issue: Focus

Suggestion: It’s important not only for your motivation, but also for your safety that you stay mindful during your workout. If you’re completing deadlifts but your mind is still thinking about the meeting you have in the morning, there’s a good chance that your form is suffering, leaving you vulnerable to possible injuries that will derail your progress further. Take a moment to clear your mind and think about the muscles you’re using and visualize the movement you’re about to complete.

Issue: Help

Suggestion: It’s often intimidating asking for help or advice at the gym, but remember that everyone had to start their journey somewhere. If you’re looking for assistance taking your workouts to the next level, or just want some guidance, then personal training is a great option. Having a coach gives you confidence in your plan, keeps you accountable and ensures a much higher likelihood of a successful outcome.