You’ve been on a good workout schedule and you’re making progress toward your goals. Things are looking good. Your rhythm is about to be interrupted though, as you have to go away on business or vacation out of town and stay in a hotel for a few days or even a week.

That’s okay, you tell yourself, the hotel that you are put up in will have either a gym or fitness centre. Everything is fine until you get there and you realize that there is no gym. It’s under renovation or the hotel no longer has one.

Is your progress about to take a big hit? Is there no place to get in your scheduled workouts while on the road?

Don’t panic.

Even without a hotel gym, you can still get in some quality workouts in your hotel room.

One minute of jumping jacks and thirty seconds of running on the spot

The best way to perform these is in a circuit. Perform all of the following exercises in order with zero to minimal rest between exercises. Rest 90-120 seconds between Rounds. Do 3-5 Rounds.

25 Bodyweight Squats
20 Push-ups (Regular, Incline or decline – Use the bed, desk or chair to elevate feet or push off of)
15 Mountain Climbers
12 Lunges per side
15 Dips (Use bedside, chair or desk)
12 Luggage Rows per side (make sure that luggage is zipped-up!)

If you want to improve your options once you get to the hotel, packing some resistance bands into your luggage doesn’t take up much room and can enhance your workouts in a small place.

With resistance bands, incorporate some curls or raises into the routine, and/or perform most of these exercises with a band around your legs above the knees to add difficulty.

Hotel stays are also a good time to work on mobility. Grab a towel and use your quiet time for some stretching and mobility work on the floor.

Remember, if you’re stuck at a hotel with no gym the next time that you’re out of town, you actually have plenty of options to stay on track to meet your goals.