People turn to fitness for many different reasons. Some have a weight loss goal, some use exercise to recover from injuries, and some just find working out to be fun. For 60-year-old Elizabeth Baskir of Brampton ON, fitness satisfies all of the above and more. 

While Elizabeth has always enjoyed physical activity, her personal fitness took a dive after breaking her wrist in 2012. As time passed and she started to feel the effects of aging, she experienced chronic pain in her knees and shoulders. She says that traditional medicine did not offer much relief. 

“I had stopped exercising, and the pain in my body continued to get worse. I tried different painkillers, but none of them helped. My doctor recommended I get back to exercising, so I signed up with GoodLife in 2018.” 

Elizabeth started working out at the Brampton Mclaughin Corners West GoodLife three times a week, and eventually signed up for personal training. Not only did working out treat the pain, but she also lost weight and gained more energy. 

When the pandemic shut down gyms in March 2020, Elizabeth, like so many others in the province, had to explore different solutions to continue exercising. She decided she wasn’t going to let COVID-19 set her back on her fitness goals, and started virtual training at home.

Training at home was different at first, but I realized it was important that I stay fit and healthy during the pandemic. I didn’t want to sit in front of the TV all day, and needed exercise to keep my spirits high.

As an accountant, Elizabeth says work can be draining some days. Working out keeps her mind sharp, and she says fitness allows her to feel like she’s taking time for herself. However, Elizabeth has more than just herself in mind when she commits to staying fit. 

“My father had a heart attack some years ago, and my mother was quite ill before she passed. I realized I didn’t want my family to have to take care of me in my later years. I want a pain free retirement of course, but I also want to be able to be there for my family. I want to be healthy for me, and for them.” 

Following the pandemic, Elizabeth is looking forward to returning to the gym where she can continue personal training, as well as endurance swimming. Fitness has become a ‘fix-all’ for Elizabeth, as a way to manage her pain, clear her mind, and stay healthy for her and her family. 

The pandemic has been full of challenges and triumphs for our Members and Associates, especially in areas where gyms have faced frequent and lengthy closures.  

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