When you’re camping and enjoying your great outdoor adventure the last thing you should worry about is what you’re going to cook… or how you’re going to cook it.

Plan ahead with these meal prep tips and make the most of your trip.

Mason jar banana bread
A great recipe to make before you go camping and take with you! Easily transportable, and easy to keep fresh, these banana breads in individual mason jars are a perfect breakfast option.

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Homemade granola bars
Granola bars are a popular snack. However, a lot of the ones you pick up at the grocery store can have a significant amount of added sugar and other ingredients that aren’t the healthiest. Make your own version before your camping trip and you’ll truly have a healthy, ready to go snack for when you hit the trails. They also serve as a great breakfast option!

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Energy bites
When you’re camping you’re sure to be doing lots of activities. Whether you’re hiking, biking, swimming or canoeing you need to fuel your body to have the energy to make the most of your trip. Try bringing along some protein bites for a quick and easy snack that’s easy to tote with you no matter where your adventure takes you!

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Cold salads:
The perfect option for lunch. Pre make cold salads before your camping trip and store them in a cooler while you’re away. They keep well and they’re a great way to get some fresh veggies into your system. We opted for a salad that includes quinoa so it will keep you fuller longer and fuel all your outdoor action!

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Chili is such a hearty meal that’s full of protein and healthy veggies – which makes it perfect for camping. You can make a big batch before you go and store it in a cooler on your campsite. It’s easy to reheat over the fire and will be sure to satisfy you after a long day outdoors. It’s also great because you can tailor it to your dietary needs.

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Wieners and beans
A classic – you can make this dinner option right on your campsite. Simply bring the ingredients with you and make everything over the campfire – it’s easy! You’re sure to be filled up after this protein rich meal with a side of greens.

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