The idea of a lumberjack seems almost mythical. Strong, powerful people roaming through forests with a single axe, conquering the thick trunks of trees as they go.

While lumberjacking has changed dramatically with new technology; logger sports now fill the void for those who want bragging rights in strength and skills.

Power through this series of moves during your workout for a full-body burn that will have you feeling strong like a lumberjack.

Let’s start with your base. The following three exercises will help you develop a strong, sturdy lower body that will keep you stable during any activity and will provide additional mobility and endurance.

Weighted Squats: 3 sets x 8–12 reps
Kettlebell Clean and Squat: 2 minutes with as many reps as possible
Box Jumps: 2 minutes with as many reps as possible

Next, let’s focus on the core. The right mixture of core exercises ensures that you have stability where you need it and explosiveness when you want it. And don’t just think of your abdominals—your core runs throughout your torso, and these exercises can ensure that your back, pelvis and abs are primed for all of your daily movements.

Cable Rotational Chops: 3 sets x 8–12 reps
Pull-ups or Chin-ups: 2 minutes with as many reps as possible
Planks: 5 sets x 30 seconds

Finally, let’s finish off with a few exercises that will target a variety of muscles from head to toe. By engaging the legs, glutes, core and arms, these moves offer the perfect ending to your lumberjack workout.

Farmers Carry: 3 sets x 30–50 feet with moderately heavy weight
Rowing Machine: 5–7 minutes
Kettlebell Massive Swings: 2 minutes or 24 reps