Despite all of the known advantages of kids engaging in physical activity, our digital society makes it increasingly challenging to entice them away from their mobile (or otherwise) devices to actually be mobile. But it can be done, and it all starts with the grown-ups in their lives.

Here are five ways to help the children in your life learn and get excited about exercise.

Focus on fun

Like adults, if kids don’t enjoy what they’re doing or if they feel like it’s a chore, the chances of them actually sticking to it are slim. For little ones, start with family walks, living room dance parties, tree climbing or yoga. As they get older, find out what sort of sports or other competitive activities they’re interested in, get them involved as much as possible – and show up to cheer them on!

Lead by example

Kids often look up to the grown-ups in their lives, and learn by imitating what they see. If they watch you regularly making healthy choices and having fun while being physically active, it will feel natural for them to do the same, and they’ll be more likely grow up with a similar mentality.

Leave the car at home

Use exercise as a form of transportation with your kids. Bike, walk, rollerblade, or scoot with your child to school, the park, or a friend’s house. If you’re running errands with children, park the car a distance from your destination and enjoy the walk together.

Get involved

Encouraging your kids to get involved with physical activities is great, but being there with them is even better. If they’re enrolled in organized sports, volunteer to help the team by coaching or keeping score. If they enjoy swimming, consider joining your local recreation center and enjoy family swims. If you have teenagers, get a family membership at the gym and make it part of your routine. There are plenty of activities that can be done as a group, which has the added bonus of developing a stronger bond.

Give active gifts

Electronics are pretty common gifts these days, but could become an obstacle if you’re trying to encourage physical activity. Seek out gifts that will get kids moving, such as a small indoor trampoline, strategic kids “tag” games that also require quick thinking, game system dancing competitions, or sport-related gifts like an indoor basketball net or mini badminton set. There are plenty of online ideas for active gift-giving, appealing to kids of all ages.

When kids are under the age of five, simply encourage daily physical activity to help get them into an active lifestyle mindset. As they become school-aged and teens, it’s recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each day.

It’s never too early or late to start. And the best part is that when kids develop a fondness for something early on, it often sticks with them for life.