The pandemic completely changed how many of us exercise. When we were forced to stay at home, our favourite fitness instructors took to social media, gym companies and studios launched online channels, and people bought up equipment to create their own home gyms. 

Digital fitness content was everywhere within a couple of months, and the way we create and use fitness content changed and improved quickly. But the isolation and boredom of the pandemic also prompted a lot of us to crave the social connection and accountability of going to the gym or fitness studio.  

When used properly, technology will make fitness a seamless, multi-channel personalized experience that will transition from home, to the gym, to outdoors. The key is to use technology to strike a balance to maximize the in-club experience and deliver content to people when and where they need it.  

Using your digital device, you’ll be able to consult with your personal trainer, stream your favourite group fitness class if you missed it, track your workouts and access GoodLife content from anywhere. Technology will be integral to your fitness experience, and the best news is, it’s already happening. 

Here are some ways technology can add to your fitness experience: 

GoodLife On Demand

Access workout programs, online classes and challenges via the GoodLife App or portal with GoodLife On Demand. By upgrading to On Demand Plus access you get access to content from all GoodLife’s premium partners. 

Virtual personal training

Many of GoodLife’s leading personal trainers offer virtual training sessions using FaceTime or another video platform. Trainers are experienced at coaching and ensuring proper form using video channels. Virtual personal training gives you the flexibility to access the expertise and support of a qualified trainer not just at the gym, but at home, or when you’re travelling or away from your club. 

GoodLife app

The GoodLife app can be easily downloaded for free on your mobile device and allows you to find a club, check group fitness schedules and book classes, access workout programs, challenges, training plans and virtual classes. 

GoodLife member portal

The member portal allows you to search your nearest club and select the right virtual class for your goals, whether it’s to work up a sweat with BODYATTACK, stretch and strengthen with BODYFLOW or BODYPUMP, or dance to the latest club beats with SH’BAM. The portal also features on demand workouts and enables you to access and manage your membership account with just a few clicks.  

Wearable technology

GoodLife REGYMEN classes currently use the MyZone heartrate monitor to track the intensity of your workouts, compare with others and motivate you to push harder. In future, members can expect to be able to use other wearables too. 

Although you can never replace the experience and benefits of working out at the gym, technology is supporting many more channels to deliver and personalize your fitness experience. With more online content and mobile options than ever, fitness lovers can work out from anywhere, anytime and link their fitness program across channels.