Working out with a buddy is proven to be motivating, and can be a lot of fun! Grab your sweetie, a pal, a family member or your swole sister and try out these challenging moves.

Partner squat pass
Stand back to back with your partner with some space between you. Get into a squat with one partner holding a weight. Turn to the same side and have your partner pass the ball to you, then turn to the opposite side to pass the weight back to them. Continue to pass the weight back and forth. One circle of the weight counts as one rep.
Complete 6 reps each.

Triceps kickback
Grab a resistance band and face your partner. Holding the band between you on the same side, slightly bend at the knee and lean forward. At the same time, pull back into a triceps kickback. Adjust the space between you to increase or decrease the resistance.
Complete 8 reps each side.

Side lunge and throw
Face your partner from some distance (not too far) with one of you holding a medicine ball. Side lunge in the opposite direction from each other while you throw and catch the medicine ball with each other. Alternate the side you lunge to.
Complete 10 lunges on each leg for a total of 20 lunges.

Plank high five
Face each other in plank position. At the same time, reach out with opposite hands and high five each other while keeping your torso as still as possible.
Hold the plank for 30 seconds.

Jump squat 
Stand side by side facing the opposite direction of your partner. At the same time, lower into a squat and then jump, while high fiving at the top, then return to a squat.
Complete 8 squat jumps