Practice mindful eating

Eating mindfully means eating while paying attention. You’re aware of what you’re doing, aware of how your body is reacting, aware of what your mind is telling you and aware of the sensations you are having while enjoying delicious foods.

Enjoy your food

Truly take the time to savour the food you’re experiencing. Slow down, chew your food and allow yourself to notice every taste.

Although we use food to fuel and nourish our bodies eating can also be a wonderful experience. We share food with our families, at social gatherings and often use it as a form of fun and entertainment. Of course, we always want to aim to live a healthy lifestyle but also give yourself some room to treat yourself. Enjoy your food and the experience it brings!

Stop the all or nothing attitude

Let’s say you are trying to eat healthy but someone brings in cookies to your office. You treat yourself and take one or two. It’s not uncommon that because someone decided to treat themselves that they decide to just keep going. Because they indulged in a small treat they think “oh no, I already screwed up, I should just keep going” and fully participate in a binge.

It’s OK to have a treat here and there – but it’s not OK to overdo it to the point of binging. Listen to your body, because you indulged in one treat it does not mean your healthy lifestyle is ruined and also does not mean keep indulging.

Don't reach for food when you're not hungry

If you’re reaching for food when you’re not hungry something more and often emotional is going on.   

You need to identify why you are eating if you aren’t hungry. Are you bored? Are you sad? Whatever the reason it may be figure it out. When you realize you’re not hungry you can decide not to eat and put your energy into doing something else.