The summer is nearly upon us, and that means golf season. Time to get your clubs out and dusted off, your cleats shined up and your plaid pants pressed.

But what about you? Shouldn’t you get your body ready for golf season before heading out on the greens? Of course you should, but what should you do to get in shape while also preventing injury when you’re enjoying your favourite pastime?

First, let’s start with an exercise for a strength component that may not be apparent, but is integral to your game.

Grip strength. It’s fairly easy to work on since you can perform this exercise just about anywhere. Just grab a stress ball or other soft ball and squeeze while you are watching TV or walking around the house. Be sure to alternate hands when one gets tired.

Rotational mobility. Stand with a golf club behind your head and your arms hanging over it. Rotate your torso slowly while tightening your core.

Plank walk-out. Get into push-up position, then walk your feet in towards your hands until you feel a stretch, pause, then walk back out. Repeat eight times.

Medicine ball wall. Stand perpendicular to a solid wall that will not be damaged by a medicine ball. With the medicine ball in your hands and in front of you, throw the ball against the wall using your core so that it bounces off the wall and back to you. Catch and repeat 10 times. Switch sides. After finishing both sides, face the wall and stand about 2 feet out, squat down and throw the ball to hit the wall as high as you can as you press out of the squat. Catch the ball as you return to the squat. Repeat 20 times.

Hip thrusters. Lie on your back on the floor. Bend your knees at 90 degrees and place a small medicine ball between your knees or something else that will force you to hold it there. Now, thrust your hips up, squeeze your glutes and hold for 3 seconds. Lower from the top of spine downwards, pause before touching the mat and repeat 10 times.

Perform these exercises a few times a week prior to golf season and you will be in good shape to swing away. You might even play a little better!