Detox teas have been a common item on the shelves of health food stores and health food sections of grocery stores for years now. Some of them receive celebrity endorsement, so they’ve become big business. They often claim significant weight loss benefits, though there is no scientific evidence to prove that these teas actually work.

The ingredients of these detox teas usually contain caffeine and some sort of diuretic. This can lead to a loss of weight, but that is usually in the form of water. You’re not losing fat, it’s likely from the laxative effect that is a result of the ingredients in these teas, such as senna.

Another common ingredient in detox teas is guarana, which is usually found in energy drinks for its caffeine content. Both senna and guarana have side effects for some, which may include abdominal pain, cramps, bloating and gas; nervousness, vomiting, anxiety and an abnormal heart rate.  

Also of interest are the common recommendations that come along with the directions on the boxes or websites of these detox teas. They are typically recommended to be consumed along with plenty of water, healthy meals and a regular workout routine. While some of these celebrities swear by these teas, they’ve also likely cleaned up their diets and are maintaining steady trips to the gym.

Ultimately, do your research on any tea that you choose and read the ingredients carefully.

Instead of teaxtoxing, try incorporating different herbal teas into your diet. Some teas like green and white tea contain the compound epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which has shown to improve cardiovascular health, while its antioxidant effects improve health by attacking free radicals. Drinking these two may also help in improving your cholesterol.

While black teas contain the most caffeine of these three types and have a strong taste, according to the University of Berkeley they may help protect against heart disease and neurodegenerative disease. So, the next time that you're out shopping and looking to naturally feel better, search out some of these teas instead of those misleading teatoxes.