A combination of both cardio and strength training is the best way to produce results fast. If you’re working with limited time and looking to make the most out of every minute you spend in the gym, there is no need to break up these two activities into separate workouts.

Adding weight to your cardio routine results in the perfect calorie-scorching, muscle toning workout, great for beginners and advanced fitness buffs alike.

Try this super simple weighted cardio routine and reap the benefits of two types of training in one uncomplicated workout.

Walking with a weighted vest

Begin your session with a 20-minute uphill walk on a treadmill with a weighted vest. The exact weight of the vest should depend on your fitness level, but anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds is recommended.

Walking with a weighted vest sounds easy, but it’s much more taxing than you think. Plus, it can add a mountain of strength to your core and other stabilizing muscles.

Kettlebell swings

Grab a kettlebell that is a bit lighter than you would normally use and do 1 minute of kettlebell swings before taking 1 minute of rest. Alternate between the kettlebell swings and the rest periods for 8 rounds.

This circuit is exhausting. It will challenge your aerobic capacity, intensify your grip and strengthen your hips, hamstrings and glutes.

Goblet squats

Hold a moderately weighted kettlebell or dumbbell close to your chest and squat as deep as possible, dropping into “the hole” beneath your body. Remember to drive the knees out as you lower your body down and stretch out the inner thighs, all while keeping your chest up.

Do 3 to 4 sets of 20 reps with 60 seconds rest in between sets.

Weighed planks

You’ll need a partner for this exercise. You can wear a weighted vest or a have plate placed on your back once you are in a plank position.

Remember to keep your head, neck and spine aligned throughout the duration of the exercise. Brace, and squeeze your glutes just enough to keep your hips stable and supported.

Hold a plank for 60 seconds then rest for 60 seconds and repeat for 4 rounds.

Suitcase carries with a dumbbell or kettlebell

Grab a moderately weighted kettlebell or dumbbell with one hand. Use the other hand to balance your torso. The goal here is to brace your body and walk in a straight line the length of the turf zone and back.

Do 6 to 8 laps without rest, switching hands after each lap.