The Great Activation is a new national virtual physical activity event, running from November 9 – 30th, in support of GoodLife Kids Foundation. Event participants will be asked to challenge their fitness routine by setting a goal for the number of activity minutes they would like to complete. Minutes will be tracked through the Strava app. Though not required, event participants may also choose to fundraise for GoodLife Kids Foundation.  

Our Goal – to reach a total of 804,250 minutes in support of physical activity programming for youth with intellectual disabilities and autism.  

Why are we tracking minutes?  

Minutes are inclusive of all abilities and all physical activities. It’s up to you to determine how you wish to challenge yourself. See our suggestions below. While you’re tracking your activity minutes, so are the youth who participate in MOVE by GoodLife Kids. They will be joining the challenge right along with you!  

Why should I participate?  

Through The Great Activation you can:  

  • Activate your fitness routine - choose your own physical activity, when and where you want to do it, and how long you want to do it for.  
  • Be part of a community raising awareness 
  • Help kids and youth with intellectual disabilities and autism to participate in fun and accessible fitness programs like MOVE by GoodLife Kids.  

How do I get started?  

It’s just 5 EASY STEPS 

1. Register here to be an event participant 

2. Set up your Participant page – you will be emailed a link when you complete your registration. 

3. Decide how many activity minutes you want to complete over the 22 days of the event – see some ideas below. 

4. Download the FREE Strava app, and link your Strava account to your Participant page. 

5. On November 9th start tracking your activity minutes and reach your goal by November 30th!   

Activity minute goal  

You can set your activity minute goal based on how active you are on a regular basis, or perhaps you want to challenge yourself. It’s totally up to you to decide what kind of commitment you want to make. 

Tip: You’ve got 22 days to achieve your activity minute goal. So, divide 22 into your own goal to determine how many minutes per day you need to complete in order to achieve your goal. Example: If your goal is 875 minutes, you’d need to complete 40 minutes of physical activity a day to achieve your goal.  

Here are some activity minute goals that relate to the MOVE by GoodLife Kids program.  

  • 540 minutes: the number of minutes a youth is active in MOVE for 3 weeks  
  • 720 minutes: the number of minutes a youth is active in MOVE for one month 
  • 875 minutes: equals the cost for one youth to be in MOVE for 6 months  
  • 1200 minutes: equals the cost for one youth to be in MOVE for 8 months  
  • 1750 minutes equals the cost for one youth to be in MOVE for one year   

You can join The Great Activation as an individual or a team  

You may want to consider joining as a team if:  

  • Your family, work or friend group wants to be part of the event together.  
  • Members of your family, work or friend group want to challenge each other in total number of activity minutes each member of the group can complete.  

To join the event as a team: 

  • One member of the team registers as the Team Captain and sets up the team’s page and their own participant page.  
  • Team Captain sends the link to the team page to each member of the team.  
  • Each team member registers as part of the team and sets up their own participant page.  


You may choose to fundraise to further support accessible physical activity programs for youth with intellectual disabilities or autism. Tools to support your fundraising efforts will be provided when you register for the event. Funds raised will support MOVE by GoodLife Kids. This virtual physical activity program for youth with intellectual disabilities or autism is offered free to families across Canada, through donations to GoodLife Kids Foundation 

For more information, please email