There are many reasons to pay attention to your glutes, not only to fit into your favourite pair of jeans, but also to help the rest of your body perform better. As a major muscle group, your gluteal muscles, or butt, are essential in plyometric or cardio exercises. But let’s be honest, the squat can get a little old and sometimes it’s necessary to mix things up! Plus, keeping your workout regiment versatile also helps achieve the best results in a more efficient way. So, here are 5 ways for you to kick your booty workout up a notch to get results and beat the boredom!

Add weight to your squat

Squats are an excellent and scientifically proven way of lifting your glutes to new heights. You can add resistance by performing them while holding dumbbells in your hands, a kettlebell, or, for a more advanced use a bar across your shoulders.


Deadlifts, when done properly, are known for creating a defined look for your hamstrings, butt and lower back. To begin a proper deadlift, try standing with your feet hip-width apart and the weights in front of thighs. You can use dumbbells or a barbell. Keeping back flat and belly button pulled towards the spine, bend forward from the hips and lower your torso until the weights reach your shins.

Add explosiveness to your lunges

Incorporating this plyometric edge to your lunge not only helps you burn more calories, but also doubles as a form of interval training!

Add height to your step-up

The main muscle group worked in the step-up is the gluteus maximus – adding height increases the intensity of the exercise. Pro tip: Pay attention to where you step – if you step onto the platform from further away, you can increase the emphasis on that booty!

Add weight to your glute bridge

The glute bridge already targets the entire core and butt and adding weight is a great way to work your glutes even harder. Not only does the weighted glute bridge help target your rear, but also helps alleviate back and knee pain, improve posture and more (you can thank me later)!