As I sit down to write this “anniversary” message to you, during a time like no other, it can be challenging not to focus on how much has changed in a short time. I put the word anniversary in quotations because typically we’d be opening our Clubs to everyone in Canada and hosting a party to celebrate our Members and Associates and inviting everyone in Canada to join us.

While it’s hard to not focus on the changes and challenges in the world, I want to take a moment to quiet the chaos and focus on one thing that has not changed – the immense gratitude I feel for all of you and for our GoodLife Associates. 

I also want to tell you how we are going to bring the GoodLife Anniversary party to you…but more on that in a minute!

Over our 41 years in business, I have never been more grateful for our incredible Associates, who many of you have come to call friends and your Club Family. Our Associates have given me both joy and perspective during some of the most challenging and uncertain times most of us have ever faced. Our Associates have reached out to you, they’ve reached out to me and they’ve reached out to each other to use their gifts and talents to comfort, to motivate and to move us all during this time.

I am also grateful for you, our Members, who are incredible role models and motivators for your friends, family, coworkers, and community. I’ve seen the digital world buzzing and lighting up with inspiring workouts, motivational messages and powerful support that has brought our Club communities to life in the digital landscape.

Our Members, 1.5 million strong, are leading an important movement in Canada right now. You, along with our Associates, are aligning with our healthcare workers and government officials in the most important and powerful way. You are telling people that while we stay home, we must still keep moving, keep positive and take care of yourself both mentally and physically.

When we reopen, I know the connections we have built from afar are going to make the GoodLife community, and all of Canada, even stronger. 

Keeping Canada active
We want to give you the opportunity to live the #GoodLifeAtHome by giving you as many tools and resources as we can to stay healthy during these challenging times. As a GoodLife community, together we are #CanadianStrong #fitnessfuelled and at this time, most importantly, we are #healthobsessed.

Whether it’s through our newly updated GoodLife App (iOS, Android), the resources we’ve made available to everyone in Canada on #GoodLifeAtHome, or the content available exclusively to Members on our Member Portal like Les Mills On Demand, we want to keep helping you take care of what matters most, your health. We also have more exciting digital options coming that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Our team recognizes that these digital workouts don’t replace the relationships, support and equipment we offer in our Clubs but we know that they can help us get through these challenging times. And, when it’s time to reopen our Clubs, our new digital offerings will also play an important role in your goals and experience moving forward.

Bringing GoodLife’s anniversary party to you
On April 28 at 1 p.m. EST, we are hosting the first ever Canada-wide Zumba on ZOOM.

Around this time of year, we would be getting together to celebrate GoodLife’s 41st Anniversary and inviting everyone in Canada to come to our Clubs to join in the fun. And while it’s not possible to invite everyone to our Clubs this year, we think it’s still important to take time to have fun, move our bodies and celebrate our Associates, Members and the power of fitness– that is why we’re bringing the party to you!

We are setting up a ZOOM workout with up to 1,000 people across Canada that will be led by one of our very own 2019 Instructor of Excellence Winner, Mija-Martina Barbaric from Winnipeg, as well as Zumba Master Trainer and International Presenter, Ricardo Marmitte.

Mija-Martina and Ricardo will also be joined by special guests and Olympic Champions, Silken Laumann, Natalie Spooner and Erica Wiebe.

To secure your spot, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Register on our Eventbrite page
  2. Invite your friends
  3. On April 28th, return to the Eventbrite page or check your email for the Zoom link

Sign up today.

Like you, we will stay #CanadianStrong and we will reopen
We proactively chose to close our Clubs at the beginning of the pandemic because the safety and health of our Associates and Members comes before all else. This was an extremely difficult and heart-wrenching decision because we knew the profound impact that it would have on so many. Even with that knowledge, we knew it was the right thing to do, even if it wasn’t the easiest thing.

When we opened our first small club in London, Ontario in 1979, we built everything from the ground up and faced many challenges. We know that when we reopen that life and our business will look different but we are not afraid of that change, we are excited for it!

GoodLife has a dedicated team developing industry leading strategies and practices for cleaning and Club operations to ensure that, when it is time to reopen our Clubs, your experience is as safe and enjoyable as it can be. Our Digital Technology and Innovation Team is also hard at work so that our Members can return to a new future that will give the best combined live and digital experience possible.

I don’t know exactly when we will see each other in the Club next. There is still a lot we don’t know and are learning very quickly. What I do know is that we are grateful that for 41 years people in Canada have trusted us with their health and fitness goals and we are excited for the next 41 years and beyond.

I can’t wait to see you all soon. Thank you!