I'm a teenager at GoodLife ... now what?

So you've signed up for the free Teen Fitness program and you're spending some time working on you instead of working on homework. Now what?

Here are 8 suggestions on how to get things kicked off right.Teen Fitness

  1. Meet the Motivators: they know what is happening in the club, can give you info and direct you to where you need to be!  You can find them at the front desk of your club.

  2. Book your orientations: Fit Fix and Cardio. These terms might not mean anything to you yet, but they will! A Motivator and Teen Fitness Volunteer will help you make sense of the machines and weights in your club in order to help you feel comfortable exercising in the club.

  3. Group EXercise is where it’s at. There are so many classes to try. Your first goal should be to try the orientation classes (BODYPUMP, BODYFLOW, Newbody). Once you feel comfortable in those classes, feel free to branch out into the many other disciplines.

  4. Find balance in your workouts. Try to keep variety in your fitness plan. You should have a healthy mix of cardio and strength training (even you, ladies) as well as some stretching. These 3 main pillars of fitness can be achieved in classes and on your own.

  5. Ask when other teens of your age tend to use the club. If you are able to come in when others of your age group are, there is a better chance you will find a workout buddy (other than your parent) and have some social time as well!

  6. Remember that you can do just about everything in the club! Whether you are just entering your teen years or almost out of them, nearly everything available in the club can be adapted to you. If ever you are in doubt, remember you are not alone and not the first person to ask the same question. Grab anyone in a GoodLife shirt and ask them to help you out if need be.

  7. Third time is a charm! You want to give yourself a chance to adjust to anything new that you try. Give each activity 3 tries before you decide whether it is for you or not. It takes at least this much time to gain some confidence and get a real feel for the exercise, workout or class. Good luck!

  8. Stick with it. It is natural to expect to see and feel results right away when you commit to an exercise plan. The reality is, although it feel good right away, it can take some time to see the impact in the mirror, on the scale, through your performance or in your overall health. Consistency is key, so stick with it and the results you want will come!

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