6 characteristics of people living lives of longevity and quality

Longevity, we all want it. We want quality of life and more years. We see lots of fad diets, promises of everything, the latest and greatest way to get increase longevity and improve life. However, we all hear the facts; our society is less healthy then a generation ago, more medicine is required and less happiness. The question then becomes what do we do?

There is a new stream of research (TED institute and Dan Buettner) showing that there are commonalities in societies all over the world that people follow to help have a life of longevity and quality.

1. Movement: They take the stairs, they walk, and they do things. They walk, which is shown to be the best way to stave off cognitive decline, they garden, and they spend time outside. When they exercise they do things they enjoy. A GoodLife Associate will help you find an exercise program that you enjoy.

2. Pause and breathe: They take time to reflect and to calm their stress. People that are constantly in a hurry and stressed out trigger an inflammatory response. This response is associated with everything from Alzheimer’s to cardiovascular disease. By slowing down for 15 minutes a day you can turn the inflammatory state into a more anti-inflammatory one. Try a GoodLife yoga class or take a stretching orientation. Take time to pause and breathe.

3. Purpose: They feel their life has a reason and they have a place. Statistically the two most dangerous years of someone’s life are the year they are born and the year someone retires, because their purpose of working no longer exists. Research shows that people who report a sense of purpose for their life live seven years longer. Find a personal reason, tell your closest people and act purposely. Those living with a reason live seven years longer.

4. Nutrition: There is no one diet that works for all, but a diet that is in line with the Canadian food guide is common among those with the highest longevity. They don’t over eat often, don’t have too much sugar, they have good protein and vegetables. A GoodLife Personal Trainer can be a great source of diet knowledge.

5. Connections: They put families and friends first. They feel a sense of belonging. Fifteen years ago the average American reported three good friends, now it is down to 1.5. Belonging to some form of group and participating in it regularly (4X/month) can add four to 14 years of life expectancy.

6. Personal Associations: According to the Framingham studies people whose three closest friends are obese and inactive are 50% more likely to be obese and unhealthy. Spending time being active with your friends, being engaged, eating right while enjoying time with your closest people in your life, you will add longevity to your life. Be the first in your group if necessary to be active, you will help yourself and those closest to you. Talk to an Associate at GoodLife to arrange to bring someone to the gym with you.

Longevity: There is no short term fix, there is no pill, it is simple, but not always easy. Invest in yourself, invest in your friends, think of your closest people being the adventure, be active and life a fit and healthy good life.



A graduate of UWO and an instructor in the Continuing Education Marketing program, Jason has a full time role in the marketing department at GoodLife. When he is not working he can be found playing basketball, trying new fitness activities at GoodLife and looking for someone to laugh at his jokes. Jason wants to enjoy life, have fun and be fit; while that is a tall order for him, he is confident that it can all be achieved.



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