The time you spend with your partner can affect your health. So, it’s always a good option to reflect on your relationship and understand the things that keep you both together.

Trust is paramount
Trust is widely considered the basis of a healthy relationship because so many great qualities stem from it.

From being able to share information in confidence to relying on each other for all kinds of needs, trust is the glue that keeps your connection strong.

Having that established trust also helps prevent things like worry or stress too because you and your partner are fully comfortable together.

You’ve got mutual respect
The healthiest relationships are the ones where respect comes through in both actions and words.

This means respecting differences, boundaries, feelings, opinions and more. It can be as simple as respecting that your partner doesn’t like kale or as big as respecting that your partner isn’t comfortable doing something.

Also, both partners in a relationship should also respect themselves. People’s level of personal respect is a good indicator of how they’ll treat those around them. Generally speaking, the more people respect themselves, the more they respect others as it’s a positive reflection on the type of person they are.

Above all, respect should be a fluid part of the relationship, where both yourself and your partner give and receive it.

Individuality shines
It’s important to share qualities and interests in a relationship: it makes things more fun!

However, it’s even more important for both partners to retain their independence. After all, it’s these personal qualities that attracted you two to one another in the first place. Relationships should contribute to who you are as a person, so that both people can have room to grow.

This can include taking an interest in a new hobby your partner is picking up or encouraging your partner to put their hand up for a new project at work.

There is shared support
Support is a big contributing factor to lasting relationships.

It’s that feel good thing that reassures each partner they’ve got someone in their corner to back them up, encourage them and comfort them. Additionally, people typical enter into relationships in order to have that supportive connection that reminds them they aren’t alone in life.

The level of support you and your partner give one another is a clear indicator of how much the two of you value one another.

The two of you have good communication
Communication is a word that comes up a lot when talking about relationships. It’s also a lifelong process.

Whether it’s day to day stuff or something more serious, you and your partner should equally be able to confidently share your feelings. Also, bottling up feelings can take a big toll on your mental and physical health. This can lead to resentment or misunderstandings down the road when things are kept to bubble below the surface.

Positive communication can also help you and your partner feel balanced and fulfilled in your relationship because it’s the safety net that ensures no one feels judged for their thoughts or feelings.

When issues arise, there’s commitment to problem solving
Disagreements in a relationship are bound to happen.

However, when they do, it’s key that disagreements don’t lead to putting your partner down. Even more important, is a willingness on both sides to come to a positive compromise or solution.

It’s not about the argument. It’s about what you’re willing to do to move past it and grow stronger together.

 Other than checking off these qualities, consider also telling your partner if you feel that he or she fulfills them – it’s a nice way to validate their feelings.